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Q: What is expected of me as a Die Zentrale Coworker?

A: The Space asks the following when signing up as a coworker.

Coworker behavior:

  • Die Zentrale Coworking is a flexible fun space with respectful people and a good atmosphere. We are always available for your questions and concerns.
  • We do not accept disrespect and or any malicious acts towards the space and or other coworkers. This will result in cancellation of your contract.
  • Your personal 6 digit entrance code. Do not give your code to anyone at any time. If needed please contact management for an extra code.
  • If you are the last one to leave the space. Please close all windows and lock the front door behind you.
  • Please do not take up more than once desk if the Space is busy on that day.
  • Please do not be loud in the Quiet working room. Please go outside or go to the permitted loud areas to talk and or take calls.
  • If you make a mess. Please clean it up. We do not have cleaning staff every day and we expect you to treat this like your home.
  • Please respect peoples space and property.


  • If the dishwasher is empty or has space, put your cups and plates in the dishwasher.
  • If the dishwasher is full. Please turn it on and place all dirty items by the sink.
  • If the dishwasher is clean please take the time to unpack and load any items by the sink. A helping hand goes a long way!
  • If we are missing anything in the kitchen (Coffee, Tea, Honey, Sugar, Milk, Roller towel etc. etc.) All items can be found nearby. Please ask or follow kitchen instructions in the space.
  • If the Coffee machine needs anything from Blinking funny signs you don’t understand to making a funny noise. Please ask a coworker or management when on site.
  • If you make a mess. Please clean it up. We have everything you need to keep the place shining.
  • Please use the community fridge with respect. Every Friday we will clean out the old and expired. We appreciate if you help us with this by avoiding any major disposals and cleaning your own food and drink as needed. This is the same for using the fridge space respectfully. Don’t buy a week’s worth of groceries and store it in the space please.
  • For all other instruction, our kitchen has a sign J

Meetings and Conference room:

  • Please treat the rooms with respect and clean up after yourselves.
  • Leave the room in the same state it was when you received it.
  • For any extras such as Beamer, Flipchart, Pens, etc. Please ask us or ask a coworker where to find it.

Door and Entrance:

  • As we are a small community we ask you to please answer the door when it rings. We don’t have a reception.
  • For walk ins we have seasoned coworkers who can give a short tour.
  • All information can be found on our website if they need more information.
  • Packages and post. Please see “Where do I put packages and post”
  • For Seminar and Meeting room bookings. Please ask their name and for their booking confirmation before letting them in. Everyone else should have a code.
  • Please keep the door closed always.


  • We do have a small rooftop balcony. Please stay on the Fake grass area.

Important Questions

Q: How do I access the internet?

A: We have 3 Internet lines. The main WIFI is called “Dasinternet”. If “Dasinternet” does not work, then we have our DSL Vodafone line called “Easybox 382128”. IF both of those do not work, we have a backup GIGACUBE which is only to be used in case of an emergency or with prior permission. ALL passwords can be found in the Space on the “Schwarzes Brett”.

Q: Where can I get Coffee/Tea?

A: Coffee, Tea, Water is included in all contracts and bookings. This is accessed in the Kitchen. For instructions on how to use the coffee machine, please ask a coworker if not sure.

Q: Where can I take phone calls?

A: The Space has a Rooftop Terrace where phone calls can be made. We also have our meeting room and seminar room where if free you can take the call. Otherwise we have a open area where calls can be made. If your job requires you to take phone calls all day every day, we unfortunately cannot accommodate you just yet.

Q: What does my membership include?

A: Please visit “pricing“ on our website.

Q: When can I start a membership and how long do they last?

A: All memberships are month to month with an unlimited time frame. All memberships must be cancelled as per our cancellation policy. All memberships can start ANYDAY of the month and will run from that date to the following months same date (EX. 8th May – *8th June).

Q: What is my cancellation Policy?

A: If you have signed a contract our cancellation policy for Nomads is 5 working days. Nomad PLUS is 10 working days, and Residents are 20 working days. You can cancel your contract by using the cancellation button in your online account. Just go to “Plans and benefits” in your account and then click on “Cancel subscription”.

Q: Meeting & Seminar Room usage?

A: Nomads receive 2 hours per week usage credit. Nomad Plus account receive 4 Hours per week usage credit. Residents receive 5 Hours per week usage credit.

Q: Is their post address and company registration at Die Zentrale?

A: The Space allows post address registration and company registration for Nomad Plus and Residents ONLY. You will be informed about this once you sign up.

Q: Do we offer discounts for multiple sign ups from the same company?

A: The Space does offer discounts for multiple company bookings. Please ask for discount code when booking. Email [email protected].

Q: Who is my contact person if I need anything?

A: Jaryd Keith Fisher can be reach under [email protected] and will answer within 24 hours. Another good option is to always ask your community in the message board or individual coworkers, who would be glad to help.

Q: In case of an Emergency what are the procedures?
Q: What are the payment terms?

A: 7 Days until you get a reminder, and after 14 days of no payment the first Mahnung will be sent with an admin fee. After 3 Mahnungen The collecting agency will be notified.

Q: Can I prepare my own lunch on site?

A: The Kitchen is equipped with an Oven and Microwave. Cooking cannot exceed these two appliances and we do not provide storage for your equipment. So keep it simple.

Q: How fast is the internet connection?

A: We have contract with 2 service providers. They all offer 100Mbit internet. If the internet is slow, we have 2 other connections which can be joined.

Q: Do I need insurance? AM I insured?

A: Everyone is liable for their own property. We also do not take responsibility for any behavior which can result in an accident unless it was due to the coworking space itself. However, the coworking Space is insured for its Space and property within.

Q: Can I bring over clients or guest?

A: Clients or guests can be allowed in the coworking space. However, they must be registered with management through our online system. Please contact management for more instructions.

Q: How do I find Die Zentrale? How do I get there?

A: Please go to Contact on our website.

Q: Have we not answered your question? For further questions…

A: Please contact us at : [email protected].